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    5 Most Common Summer Roofing Issues

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    Spring brings warmer weather and torrential rains that make your lawn grow and the world around you turn green. It’s an exciting time, but it’s also a time that creates challenges for your roof. As spring turns to summer, you’ll need to conduct proactive maintenance and repairs.

    Here are a few things to look for as your roof enters the hottest part of the year:

    1. Poor Ventilation: If your attic is not properly ventilated, it will collect heat and moisture during the summer. This will rot your roof and significantly shorten its usable life. Make sure that your attic features an effective ventilation system, and double check that nothing is blocking these vents.
    2. Poor Insulation: Like ventilation, insulation is important for a high-functioning roof year-round. Poor insulation not only drives up your heating and cooling bills, but the hot and cold air that you leak into your attic can create all sorts of issues for your roof.
    3. Damaged Shingles: The sun’s UV rays beat down on your roof during long summer days. These rays shorten the life of your roof’s shingles, drying them out and cracking or curling them. Some shingles may fall off the roof altogether.
    4. Clogged Drains: After a spring of heavy rain, your roof’s drainage system may be filled with debris. Make sure that gutters and drains are clear and working properly as summer begins, ensuring that your roof can effectively clear precipitation.
    5. Encroaching Limbs: Everything grows throughout spring and summer. Keep an eye on trees and limbs near your roof. If they grow to the point that they reach your roof, a limb blowing in the wind can knock away shingles or otherwise damage your roof.

    HomeStar Remodeling is your source for dependable roof maintenance, repairs, replacements and guidance. Get in touch if you have questions about summer roof maintenance or if you’d like help inspected your roof for warning signs.

    Contact HomeStar Remodeling today for roof service and advice.

    5 Most Common Spring Roofing Issues

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    Your roof deserves an inspection at least twice a year. Fall and spring are great times to take a look and identify areas that need maintenance or repair. Why fall and spring? In fall, your roof has just taken a summer’s worth of heat and UV rays. In spring, your roof has just endured a winter’s worth of cold, snow and ice, which can wreak all sorts of havoc.

    Here are five things to look for as you begin your spring inspection:

    1. Clogged Gutters: Your gutters are important because they help your roof channel precipitation away and onto the ground. Through the winter, snow and ice have led to the accumulation of all sorts of debris in your gutters. Make sure that they can properly clear spring rains by blowing away and cleaning out this debris.
    2. Sagging Gutters: Icicles can be a big issue for gutters and roofs. If icicles accumulate on your gutters this winter, those gutters may not perform at their peak. Conduct a visual inspection to see if icicles have inhibited your gutters’ ability to channel away precipitation.
    3. Busted Shingles: Look for curling or buckling shingles. After a winter of taking a beating from ice and snow, some shingles may begin losing their granules. Replace shingles that look overly buckled or curled, as well as ones that have lost a large number of granules.
    4. Leaky Flashings: Flashings are the metal areas around chimneys and other roof fixtures. They prevent leaks, but sometimes harsh weather conditions lead to damage. Inspect your flashings to ensure they are in good shape after months of winter precipitation.
    5. Light-Filled Attics: A look into the attic is always important when assessing your roof. You always want a well-insulated, well-ventilated attic to prevent condensation. Ensure the integrity of your roof by taking a glance into the attic. If you see light streaming in from an area of your roof, that area needs immediate attention.

    If you’re experiencing roof challenges, get in touch with HomeStar Remodeling. We deliver reliable service that can help extend maintain your roof through spring as well as year-round.

    Contact HomeStar Remodeling today about your roof and its maintenance needs.

    5 Signs That You Need a New Roof

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    No one wants to replace a roof. It’s a relatively expensive improvement project, but one that’s important for safety, protection and for your home’s value. Are you debating a roof replacement? Here are five signs to look out for if you think you might need a new roof:

    • Sagging: The primary indicator of an aging roof is sagging in the roof deck. Sagging creates valleys that become streams for drainage. This added drainage will only accelerate the aging process and your timeline for a replacement.
    • Water Damage: Look carefully for signs of water damage or leaking. Water damage can be both unattractive and damaging to your roof over the long-term, and leaking is a breach of your roof’s protection that requires immediate attention.
    • Light: If you’re considering a new roof, it’s important to take a look into your attic as well. If you can see light streaming in through your roof, you’ve discovered a telltale sign that it’s time for a replacement.
    • Shingles: Age will show up in your shingles. Examine your roof carefully for shingles that have curled or cracked. A significant loss of shingle granules is another sign, as are shingles that are missing altogether. If you notice this type of damage in just one area, make repairs as needed.
    • Time: Keep an eye out for signs your roof is aging, but look at the numbers, too. If your roof is 20 years old, it’s reached the upper limit of its usable life.

    HomeStar Remodeling is your roof expert in Delaware, South New Jersey and Pennsylvania. If you’re considering a new roof, we can help you make the best decision for you and your home.

    Contact us today for roof service, repair and replacement at your home.

    5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Roof

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    The roof is an important part of your investment in your home. Replacement can be expensive, which is why you’ll want to extend its life as long as possible. To extend a roof life, consider the following areas for maintenance and repair:

    • Clean Gutters: So much of your roof’s health is dependent on drainage. Rain, snow, ice and other precipitation must make its way off your shingles and down to the ground. If you fail to clean your gutters, precipitation and other roof-damaging debris can collect. Debris can also lead to icicles, whose weight can hurt your roof.
    • Remove Leaves: Leaves and other debris on your roof can also hurt drainage. Make sure that your roof is clear of leaves to reduce weight, too. Wet or frozen leaves block drainage, and they also create a burden that may exceed what your roof is designed to withstand.
    • Prevent Dams: Ice dams form when heat from your home sneaks into your attic, melting the frozen precipitation on your roof. As this precipitation rolls down to the edge of your roof, it refreezes and creates a dam that builds up debris. Proper insulation and ventilation in your attic should prevent ice dams.
    • Trim Trees: Branches swaying and scraping your roof can damage shingles and create leaky penetrations. By trimming back trees in the vicinity of your roof, you’re protecting your home from damage-causing branches.
    • Ventilate and Insulate Attic: Prevent ice dams and mold-causing condensation when you properly ventilate and insulate your attic. Not only does this keep your roof in good shape, it also prevents dangerous odors and allergens.

    Regular service and maintenance on your home’s roof is essential: At HomeStar Remodeling, we provide services that will extend roof life.

    Contact us today for service at homes in Delaware, South New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

    How to Safely Remove Snow From Your Roof

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    Winter is nearly upon us, and for communities in our Delaware, South Jersey, and Pennsylvania service area, this means there’s a good chance there will be plenty of snow along with it. You may be tempted to leave snow on your roof, as it doesn’t seem to present an immediate risk to you or your family. However, this oversight can lead to several complications.

    If left untouched, mass amounts of snow on a roof can cause ice dams that can punch holes in your sheathing and put stress on your structural framing. This stress can cause your framing to warp and may lead to future issues.

    It’s important to monitor the amount of snow on your roof and maintain a clean surface, but removing snow from your roof also presents several unique challenges. Here are a few tips for how to safely remove snow from your roof this winter:

    Invest in a Snow Rake

    There’s an old saying: “work smarter, not harder.” This saying can easily be applied to roof snow removal. Instead of climbing up on top of your house to push heavy, wet snow off your roof, consider purchasing a snow rake that will allow you to perform the task from the safety of the ground if the height of your house permits it.

    Snow rakes use telescoping rods attached to large scooping implements that you can use to slowly clear snow off your roof in a safe and easy manner.

    Try Making Socks

    For the do-it-yourselfers out there, there’s the option of making a “roof sock” to help melt snow and ice on your roof during harsh winters. This quick, easy solution involves pouring rock salt into cut-open stockings, tying off the filled stockings, and placing the stockings a few feet apart on your roof to create passageways through which melted snow and ice can flow off your roof.

    Call in the Pros

    If the DIY methods aren’t effective or if you aren’t able to access your roof, it may be time to hire a professional to clear snow off your roof safely. Though this may come at a higher cost than roof socks or snow rakes, there are several options that will help you prevent snow buildup on your roof — which may end up saving you money long-term.

    First, consider having a professional install heating cables. These coils attach to your roof and can help melt snow and ice, and may even help prevent them from building up in the first place. Though it may be tempting to put them up yourself, improper installation can cause ineffective snow removal and prevention.

    Alternatively, you can install proper ventilation equipment, insulating materials, or reinforce existing insulation to help prevent snow and ice buildup. These methods offer an additional benefit — they can help make your home more energy-efficient and keep your bills to a minimum even in the summertime. There are a few types of insulation to consider with this method:

    • Blow-in
    • Roof Vents
    • Traditional fiberglass insulation batts

    As far as ventilation is concerned, a new ridge vent, shingle system or soffit vents can help improve airflow throughout your attic and ensure heat flow is constant throughout. Talk to your roofer about which materials and price point would work best for your home.

    You may be looking to simply remove snow and ice from your roof and don’t have the time or money to invest in preventive measures. There are many roofing professionals who are happy to take on the job and will use a variety of methods to make sure your roof is clear of ice and snow. Save yourself the hassle and danger of climbing on your roof, and leave it to a team of trained experts who will ensure your home is safe from winter weather damage.

    The Professionals at HomeStar

    If you’re interested in learning more about how to prevent ice and snow buildup on your roof this winter, or you’re interested in learning more about our roofing services, contact HomeStar Remodeling today. As experts with years of experience in roofing and exterior remodeling, we’ll be happy to discuss what you can do to protect your home against ice and snow damage.

    5 Most Common Winter Roofing Issues

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    Winter can be the harshest season for your home and your roof. As you prepare for and experience the coldest part of the year, watch out for these common winter roofing issues:

    • Flashing Leaks: Flashings are the metal sheets that cover areas on your roof like skylights and chimneys. While these flashings are meant to prevent water damage, they are common sites for leaking. Look for corrosion, and use roofing cement to plug small holes. Larger openings will require replacement flashings.
    • Ice Dams: What is an ice dam? It’s a wall of ice that forms in the lowest area of your sloped roof, blocking proper drainage and creating a buildup of debris.

    How does one form? When heat from inside your home drifts into the attic and warms your roof and melts ice. As this melted ice rolls to the roof’s edge, it refreezes and creates an ice dam. Proper attic insulation and ventilation is the solution.

    • Condensation: Condensation can gather in your attic when a cold roof comes in contact with warm air. Condensation can lead to dangerous mold. If you have condensation, call a professional for assistance. The solution typically includes improved attic ventilation and insulation.
    • Icicles: When temperatures drop below freezing on sunny days, icicles often form. Icicles appear in clogged gutters and downspouts, and they can create danger to people and damage for your roof. Reduce the chance of icicles forming by clearing gutters regularly, and make sure to perform gutter maintenance when spring arrives.
    • Snow Loads: Roofs are designed to withstand snow loads — especially in cold weather climates. But significant snowfall and ice accumulation can surpass what your roof is designed to withstand. Make sure to clear excessive accumulation, and keep an eye out for severe roof leaks, cracks in wall and masonry and water accumulation in non-drainage areas.

    If you have questions or concerns about your roof this winter, contact HomeStar remodeling. We provide roofing service, repair and replacement in Delaware, South New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and we can provide expert guidance as you prepare for the coldest months of the year.

    Contact us today about getting your roof into peak condition this winter.

    5 Most Common Fall Roofing Issues

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    Your roof is one of the most important and valuable components to your home. Make sure that it remains in good shape, and you’ll extend its usable life. Consider scheduling a twice-yearly maintenance and inspection to ensure a professional takes a close look and makes recommendations. Fall and spring are ideal times for these inspections.

    In fall, keep an eye out for these fall roofing issues:

    • Shingles: Look for cracked shingles, or shingles with curling edges. Check also for penetrations and loss of granules. Each of these symptoms indicates a shingle that needs replacing.
    • Gutters: Make sure that your gutters are clean and clear of blockages. Given the amount of wintertime precipitation you’re sure to see, your roof must be draining properly. Install leaf guards to prevent excessive blockage.
    • Trees: Trim back trees that are near or scraping your roof. Winter’s dead branches can dislodge shingles and cause other issues.
    • Animals: Local squirrels, raccoons and other furry friends can also wreak havoc on your roof. If you see signs of wildlife visitors from the summer, apply repellent to ensure that they stay away during winter.
    • Attic: A well-insulated, well-ventilated attic is of the utmost importance. Moisture and condensation can lead to odors, mold and other undesirable outcomes.

    If you need assistance in examining or repairing your roof this fall, get in touch with HomeStar Remodeling. Our friendly and helpful technicians can evaluate your roof and make recommendations on service.

    Contact us today about your roof and how to keep it in great shape.

    Common Roofing Issues

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    Common Roofing Issues

    Missing Shingles

    If your shingles are peeling or have fallen off your asphalt roof you want to take immediate action. As a roof gets older, shingles become brittle and weak and can crack and fall off during moderate to high winds. In addition to being unsightly, every missing shingle leaves at least one or two exposed nails which allows a little bit of water to leak onto the wood decking underneath. This issue may be able to be remedied with a simple repair or may require a full replacement.

    Black Algae

    A common roof problem is black algae that appears on your roof as a dark stain or streak. Black algae is more of a cosmetic issue, however roofs that have black algae are absorbing small amounts of water which can be problematic if they go too long without being addressed.

    Cracked Pipe Collars

    A very common area where roof leaks occur is around the pipe collar. Most pipe collars are made of rubber membrane that is designed to seal around your pipes. Many of these pipe collars are made of cheap rubber that can become brittle and crack with moderate to extreme heat and cold; this can leak to a leak in your home that will rot out your decking and may also cause noticeable damage to drywall.

    Age of Roof

    If your roof is over 15 years old it has gone through over 60 seasons of weathering and damage. If your roof is older that 15 years it is recommended to go into your attic to look for signs of damage or wear. Take a flashlight into your attic and look for dark staining on your wood, white or black mold, or sunlight through you roof. If you see any of these issues it is recommended you call a Delaware roofing expert immediately.

    If your experiencing any of these issues don’t hesitate to call the experts at HomeStar Remodeling to get a free estimate today. Call us today at ******** or request an estimate online at HomeStarRemodeling.com

    Roof Ventilation

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    A major factor that determines how long your roof will last is ventilation. If the Roof is not properly ventilated the extreme heat in the summer and condensation in the winter can significantly shorten the life-span of a roof. Many “Builders Grade” Roofs should last 20 years, but by no properly ventilating the roof homeowners often end up replacing the roof before it is 15 years old.

    Why does ventilation play such an important part in the lifespan of a roof? The moisture(humidity) will condense at a cool temperature causing damage to the wood decking. The average household produces over 4 pounds of water vapor a day. When hot air and moisture rises and has no where to go it condenses on the underside of the plywood sheeting of the roof, causing the plywood to expand and delaminate. Damaged plywood will loosen the nails holding the shingles in place and can add thousands when the rotted plywood has to be replaced.

    Choosing the right company.

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    For most homeowners choosing the right company to remodel their home can be a long and stressful process. Homeowners must chose between small, often untrustworthy contractors or bigger more reputable companies who charge more money. Unless a homeowner knows a trustworthy contractor friend they are often left to guess on which company to use. Most homeowners simply want a company that’s trustworthy, has a great product, has reasonable pricing, and has a quality installation crew. Why is it so hard to find a company that offers this? Well, most companies are too focused on making money to care about product quality or are to disorganized to offer competent services.

    Homeowners that use larger, more reputable companies will typically get a good remodeling experience with a decent product. Larger companies are used simply because they seem familiar, their logos can often be seen on billboards, trucks, and television. But does familiarity correspond to quality work at affordable pricing? Because these companies typically spend huge amounts of money advertising and marketing, their overhead is extremely high. These companies will pass on their high overhead to their customers by artificially inflating their prices on their remodeling products. However these larger companies will typically offer better warranties as well as higher quality installers than the small “one-truck” contractor.

    Conversely, homeowners that use a smaller more unknown contactor will get a lower price than they would when using a larger company. However, the remodeling industry is one of the most heavily complained about industries in the country. Many of these complaints are due to the dishonesty and unreliability of small contractors who are doing whatever they can to keep their company solvent. Jobs that take weeks, sub-contracting, drugs, alcohol, unreliability, and dishonesty are words that have been used when describing local contractors. After the job has been paid for it can be extremely difficult to reach the contractor if any issues with the product arises. Not all local contractors are bad, and there are a lot of small contractors that do quality work. However, unless you personally know a small contractor or know a friend or relative who has dealt with them it is recommended that you do not take the risk.

    So with all of this uncertainty in the industry what is a homeowner to do? At HomeStar Remodeling we understand this dilemma and strive to create a remodeling experience that blends the best aspects of both the big and small companies. We only use the highest quality window, roofing, and siding materials. At the same time we realize that the freshest food in the world does not make a good meal unless you have a quality chef; with this in mind we only the most highly trained installers are allowed to join our remodeling team. In order to keep our overhead low we use targeted marketing strategies rather than the “spray and pray” marketing strategies of other companies. We understand that once customers get their roof, windows, or siding installed they don’t want to ever have to worry about it again. We recognize this so here at HomeStar Remodeling all our products have lifetime-transferrable warranties that not only increase the homes energy efficiency but also increase the homes value.

    It is recommended that before doing any job you get a few estimates to ensure that you are making a knowledgeable decision. Be sure that HomeStar Remodeling is one of those estimates.

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